Terms of use

1. General

The following is a term of use agreement for anybody using the Immediate Edge website and any of its related subsites. By using our site/s, you are in agreement to fully follow these rules and terms each and every time you use the website. Immediate Edge is the sole owner of this website. 


2. Disclaimer of Risk

Immediate Edge is neither approved nor licensed as financial consultants, brokers, or market experts. The role of our website is to provide information to our readers that allows them to understand better the cryptocurrency market and form connections with trusted partner brokers with whom we have partnered over the years.

All of the work we have published on our website is intended to benefit and inform our readers. However, none of what we have published should be taken as financial advice. We cannot guarantee that our website's material, articles, or pictures are entirely accurate, up-to-date, or otherwise. As a result, we are not responsible for the unlikely event of any adverse incident that may arise from using the material that we have published on the site. Always remember that when trading in the volatile crypto sphere, you can potentially lose more than you invested.

Due to the volatile nature surrounding crypto trading, you should be aware of the risks involved. Naturally, trading cryptocurrencies isn’t suitable for every investor. Before you make the leap and invest in crypto, always do your due diligence, set your trading goals, assign trading parameters, and figure out your risk tolerance. 

It’s worth noting that according to the Monetary Lead Authority of the United Kingdom, direct trading of CFDs is prohibited in the United Kingdom (FCA). In addition, CFDs can't be proposed to UK monetary patrons by traders outside the UK, as demonstrated by PS 20/10.

Before you make any financial decisions in the world of crypto trading, always do your investigation and research to lower the risks associated with decentralized currencies potentially. Always seek out the advice of a licensed and qualified financial expert before investing.

3. Disclosure of Affiliate Links

It is worth noting that the Immediate Edge website may contain approved affiliate links to products and services we endorse. When these links are clicked, and a purchase is made, we may receive a commission at no cost to you. Regardless of your trading results, we may still profit from these links. Thus, we are not responsible for any profits or losses from using the products, services, or websites we endorse via affiliate links.

So, who is responsible? Those in charge of the third-party product, website, or service behind the affiliate links are responsible. So, we highly recommend that you research the third-party site to ensure they are suitable for you and your trading goals and in line with current cryptocurrency trading guidelines.

In this terms of use disclaimer, Immediate Edge may use the terms "We," "Our," and "Us" alternately to refer to the owners of the website.

By agreeing to these terms of use, you agree to the terms which must be followed when using our site. Naturally, anybody using our site agrees with the arrangements and consents to these terms of use.

In order to use Immediate Edge, users should be of legal age and aged over 18/21, depending on the jurisdiction. Before using the website, we suggest you read these terms of use fully and scrutinize them to ensure that you agree with them. If you do not agree to follow these terms, you should cease using our site immediately. By continuing to use this site, you agree to these terms of use in full.

4. Usage of the Internet

5. Safeguarded content

Regarding copyright, all content on the Immediate Edge website should be considered the intellectual property of Immediate Edge unless stated otherwise. We also have permission to use and repost all of the featured content on the site. As a result, Immediate Edge doesn't give permission for others to duplicate, copy, or repost any of our content, whether for free or for some kind of compensation, unless you have the explicit permission of Immediate Edge first. 

6. Dismissal of obligation

The following dismissal of obligation section outlines how Immediate Edge is not to be held responsible for the unlikely event of any issues that may arise through using our site. These can include but are not confined to the likes of:

Temporary issues or updates can lead to the short-term outage of Immediate Edge’s site or delayed response from the site admins. 

The unlikely event of incorrect, out-of-date, or inaccurate articles, content, or other material previously published on Immediate Edge or third-party sites and organizations to which the Immediate Edge site may be hyperlinked to.

7. Changes to the Immediate Edge site

Surrounding the topic of making changes or adjustments to the Immediate Edge, we might regularly make changes to various aspects of the site and the material within it and reserve the right to do so both at short notice and without prior notice. In addition, the terms of use currently being discussed may also be adjusted or changed at short notice. Any updates made either to the Immediate Edge site content or terms of use will take effect from the moment you next use the Immediate Edge site again.

8. Questions and remarks

In the event that you have any questions, remarks, or requests surrounding the  Immediate Edge site or these terms of use and wish to speak to use, you can utilize the handy contact form on our site to reach out to one of  Immediate Edge’s representatives. Once you do, a friendly member of our time will respond to you as soon as they can. 

9. Security and Cookies

Cookies are widely used tools in the world of websites. They consist of a small text file that is sent to your device via the  Immediate Edge site server. The cookie is then kept on the browser of your phone, PC, laptop, or another internet-connected device so that the website can identify you when you next visit.

By doing so, these cookies allow for the site's smooth running and provide a better overall user experience for you. There is more than one type of computer cookie, and all of them work together towards the same goal. Below, we’ve provided an easy-to-follow breakdown of the different cookies you’re likely to encounter while using the  Immediate Edge website.

Functional cookies - A key player in the site's main functions and one of the essential cookies that exist. Without these, vital parts of the site, such as the signup and search page, may be rendered unusable.

Users release us from liabilities that arise from the unauthorised altering of your personal information.

Google Analytics - In order to gain cutting-edge insight into how the  Immediate Edge website is used and received by our users, we use Google Analytics. By doing so, we learn multiple ways in which we can create a better user experience for our users. Google can't see any of the data collected through cookies and cannot include any of this data for its projects. 

Third-party cookies - Often featured through affiliate links, this type of cookie is put on our site by a third-party site partnered with Immediate Edge. 

To sum up, cookies play a crucial role in the backend operations of any reputable website.  Immediate Edge is no exception. But of course, not everybody is so fond of them. If you wish to decline from using cookies on the  Immediate Edge site, you can deactivate them by browser settings, disabling cookies, and after that, blocking cookies in your browser. If you do, it’s worth noting that your site experience may be impacted with less convenience, and certain features may not be working as they usually should.

10. Unlawful Activity

Anyone who utilizes the  Immediate Edge website agrees to do so lawfully and respectfully. This means that you do not carry out activities such as but are not limited to: using this website to move, download, post, or convey any information or other material that infringes the various rights of people around the world.

You are also forbidden to move, download, post, or convey any information or other material that we deem unsafe, hostile, disparaging, derogatory, or bigotted. You may not upload or post forbidden data or other material that contains infections or other programming equipped for harming the Immediate Edge site's or outsider's PC frameworks.

11. Backlinks to Immediate Edge

Backlinks form the backbone of any reputable site, and Immediate Edge is no exception. But Immediate Edge accepts backlinks to our website; they must come from pre-approved online resources. These can include anything from government websites and mainstream media outlets to cryptocurrency experts and highly-regarded blogs. If you’re unsure, contact us.

Iframes - It is forbidden to make iframes around the pages of the Immediate Edge website that change our site's visual appearance without receiving the prior consent of the Immediate Edge web admins.

Content Responsibility - Immediate Edge is not to be held responsible for any forms of data that are perceived as inaccurate on our site. We do not accept any backlinks or associations with websites that can be considered harmful, upsetting, criminal, offensive, or infringing on human rights. We try out best to weed out such backlinks, but sometimes they can be unavoidable. If you find a backlink or association to Immediate Edge with which you disagree, please refer to the following section.

Raise a complaint - In an unlikely incident whereby you discover hyperlinks, connections, or associations that you feel are questionable or do not fit with our terms of use, we welcome you to contact us and bring it to our attention. We will then consider your request and decide whether removing such content contradicts our values is fitting. We make no guarantees that the content linked to on this site is correct, that the Immediate Edge site will remain online, or that the posts and content published on the site will be in line with the latest cryptocurrency updates.

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